Converged-InfrastructureConverged Infrastructure technology brings together the disparate infrastructure elements that power IT, including servers, data storage devices, networking functions, virtualization, management software, orchestration, and applications.

The business environment has never been more demanding. Data center resources have become mission-critical for organizations, enabling companies to speed time to market for new products and services. IT staffs are continually challenged to deliver efficient, cost-effective computing solutions that provide tangible, strategic business benefits.

But to do so, IT organizations face a variety of obstacles:

►  Budget and staff limitations that force companies to do more with less

►  Highly complex designs that make the systems difficult to efficiently deploy, integrate, and support

►  The risks and costs of working with multiple vendors, i.e., trying to integrate everything efficiently and having no single point of accountability should issues arise

►  The pressure to roll out solutions quickly to capitalize on fleeting business opportunities

►  The need to accelerate the delivery of large, virtualized data centers and cloud-based services, yet few baselines or benchmarks exist

With our partnership with multinational companies, we simplify IT delivery by providing a unique converged infrastructure platform that enables organizations to focus on business innovation instead of integrating, validating, and managing IT. With organizations under increasing pressure today, time to value—how quickly businesses derive benefits from a solution—is critical. Our services redefine data center deployment to greatly accelerate implementation and decrease the costs and risks of incorporating new capabilities.

By Implementing our Converged Solutions, IT leaders have the flexibility to:

►  Reduce costs

►  Enhance service delivery

►  Shift IT focus towards delivering business value vs. maintaining infrastructure

►  Meet the evolving expectations of a tech-savvy, mobile workforce