The world over, governments are looking to technology to help deliver better public services at lower cost. Government IT projects often get a bad press due to cost overruns and delayed implementations. But this needn’t be the case. decentralisation, optimisation, sharing and modernisation of technology form the keystones for governments to improve productivity and efficiency, and reduce the likelihood of failure.

In times of austerity government departments are tasked with improving staff productivity and efficiency. IT can play a significant role through an optimised digital strategy that is fit-for-purpose, and which in turn helps achieve value for money, enables flexible working, empowers the citizen, and reduces the carbon footprint. With continuing organizational change and a renewed impetus on decentralization across the public sector, IT services need to be adaptable to the changing landscape. Determining an appropriate target operating model will guide departments as to how people, processes and systems can be optimised – and, in IT terms, ensure that the technology environment evolves in such a way as to achieve the greatest benefits.

One of the key considerations for government in this digital age is providing flexible, easy-to-use services for citizens that meet their expectations as consumers. Multi-channel platforms are crucial to enabling efficient and cost-effective delivery; and at the other end of the value chain, broadband intervention schemes help to ensure that citizens can achieve access to a full range of digital services, from telehealth to filing tax returns.

And when it comes to government-to-government communications, shared and national networks are increasingly seen as the way to generate greater economies of scale and enable the concept of a connected government – whether it’s major mobile deployments for the emergency services or fixed networks that are based on shared IT infrastructure across public-sector organisations. These aggregated procurement s – such as the Public Services Network (PSN) initiative – are transforming the way that we can achieve effective and cost-efficient connectivity.

Delphi Infosolutions has delivered a range of successful IT programmes for government departments and agencies across the country. Government departments and agencies drive IT projects at all levels – from internal corporate networks to national infrastructure for taxpayers. Our experience and technology expertise ensure successful, secure outcomes.